Bring a touch of luxury to every meeting with our Est. 1921 Zip Folios, available in A5 and A4 size. Choose between the Chester Folio, crafted in deluxe Italian calf leather or our Classic Stitch Soft Folio made from beautiful full grain leather. Our Folios also double up as a home to keep your documents safe while on-the-go and come in beautiful gift packaging, the perfect present to keep or share.
  • Chester A4 Zip Writing Folio

    5 519,00 kr
  • Chester A5 Zip Writing Folio

    4 059,00 kr
  • Classic Stitch Soft A4 Zip Writing Folio

    4 099,00 kr
  • Classic Stitch Soft A5 Zip Writing Folio

    3 019,00 kr